mercoledì 17 giugno 2020

#diariodelgiorno 10 This is me: discovering our own true force

Sì, lo so che vi ho già parlato di The greatest showman, ma sono un po' così, quando mi fisso su qualcosa ci sto giorni e devo approfondire e continuare a parlarne.
Questo atteggiamento è una condizione o identità che ha un nome specifico in inglese: the maven.

Maven is a person with good knowledge or understanding of a subject; they usually become experts and specialists.
Other terms to define a maven are:
a mine of information
boffin (!)
buff (!!)
child prodigy (...)
doyen (?!)
who knows sth inside out
savant (💖)
smart money
virtuoso (🧡💚)
whizz (from whizard!!)
connoisseur (this must be the posh word, as french words are always in english)
cognoscenti (from Latin! that is surely the literate word, to use in academic world to have praise and bows)
supremo (too much Dragonball)
wizard (I said it!)

No, I haven't finished yet. There are other, more specific words:
words with -ologist
demon (💥 as we say: è un diavolo con le macchine)
gourmet (and NOT foodie)
grande dame
life coach
lifestyle manager
high priest
dab hand
oenophile (oohhh, poor englishmen having to learn greek)
Renaissance man (a Lorenzo reborn, if I can say)
think tank.
Ok, that's all, according to Cambridge Dictionary.

Well, I'm not glorifying myself, it's the result of a test, so I have positive evidence.
If you are interested, you can find it here
Sparketest - Good Life Project
(If you'll take it, please tell me the result! It's so helpful and empowering, and I'll be so happy to know yours!)

Well, back to the point.
When I find something interesting, I dive deep into it, and can't let go for some time.
Now, I'm in The greatest Showman.

So, I already wrote about Lettie and her path to empowerment.
The actress too made a beautiful path to self-acceptance and discovery of self worth.
I think the most important step is letting go of your fear, of your sorrow, of all the things that calcify your heart and weigh on your shoulders from when you were scarred, beaten, bruised, or burnt...
And that is so evident in their singing.

So evident that it involves everyone, and it helps everyone that sings that song.

This is how Keala became Lettie, and through Lettie she learned her power, her strength, her self-esteem. She learned to be herself. She says it was an otherwordly experience: it's a miracle, a grace, and it flows on everyone there.

Keala Settle singing This is me for the first time in front of the crew

I think that Pentecost was like this.

And that's This is me from The greatest showman reimagined, with Kesha and Missy Elliott. Because beauty expands, bonum diffusivum sui, and love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

Keala Settle, Kesha, Missy Elliott

May you experience this in your life.


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